Empowered Mothers Mission

Here's to the moms...

The crunchy moms. The stay at home moms.
The helicopter moms. The working moms. The hot mess moms.

We are the author of our lives.
Our passion can be an "AND" instead of an "OR".
We show up. We learn. We inspire and empower.
We embrace the struggle and accomplish things that
we are told are impossible as a mother.
Our passion is to
turn dreams into realities.
Because we define our own success.
We lead from wherever we are, however we can.
We champion
collaboration over competition.
We do not judge and tear each other down.
Instead, we come together as a
collective to lift each other up.
We actively seek out and share tools, resources, connections and inspiration.
This is how we transport ourselves from who we are to who we will be.
We take risks, embrace our vulnerabilities and are courageous.

We are empowered mothers!


To equip mom entrepreneurs with confidence and support they need to live their dreams successfully and sustainably.


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