Kim is a mom of two busy boys and founder of Easy Nutrition - which includes a nutrition blog with recipes and weight loss coaching programs. She works with other busy moms who want to lose weight, gain confidence and feel empowered in their food choices. 
Kim is very active; she can often be found in her home gym lifting weights, preparing for her next fitness competition, or training at the local Dojo in Jiu-Jitsu with her family. 
When she is not working out, cooking or hanging with her family she is building her side hustle - repping Zyia Active Wear Clothing.
Kimberly became a REAL Biz Moms ambassador because being an entrepreneur and a mom can be lonely and isolating. REAL Biz Moms offers moms the opportunity to share their experiences with other moms that get it. We can come together as a community and support each other and help each other rise and fulfill our potential. We don't have to do this alone.
Danielle is a mompreneur, a reiki master, a certified aesthetician, sugaring certified, and has her business management diploma.

Danielle is a mama to two balls of energies and medical (cardiac) kiddos. She has been married to her best friend who has been on this roller coaster of life with her for 7 years. And it has sure been an intense roller coaster at times:

With that said it brings her to her purpose and passion!

Danielle is an energy worker who uses energy work while complimenting it with mentoring and aesthetic practices to bring balance into the lives of moms (women) and children. She focuses on the body, mind, and soul connection and how our life force energies play a role in our physical body and mind; as well as the spiritual body. She activates, grounds, releases, and heals our energy centres to allow us to heal ourselves, breaking the health statistics around the world. She uses clean simple and safe tools and techniques to teach the knowledge about our life force energies within.

Danielle became a REAL Biz Moms ambassador because she believes if we support each other as moms and women we will be able to make our individual impacts stronger and our effects on society more impactful. We all have our unique journeys and lessons we’ve faced and overcome and being able to give a safe place for all women to connect, share, and grow through our unique journeys.
Vicky is a true Calgarian, born and raised. She is in her second marriage of 14 years and they have an adorable 9-year-old daughter named Amanda. They have four entertaining parakeets and they foster cats via Pawsitive Match.
In the past 9 years, Vicky has been raising her family, while balancing work and home life. Vicky has tried a few different career options such as nail technician, dog groomer, retail, construction cleaning, but finally, she was attracted to the Real Estate Industry because it involves life long learning, customer relations, networking and the opportunity to help people find happiness within a home and community.
Vicky has a passion for people, kids and animals and a passion for helping people embrace change and opportunities. Vicky has endured many challenges in life and had many successes too. She never quits. She never loses hope and she wants this attitude to be contagious. Life is such a precious journey and you learn from everyone you meet or they learn from you. 

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