I'm a full-time stay at home mom to 2 boys and I've finally come to the realization that being a mother just isn't enough for me.
When I first became pregnant, that's all I dreamt of... being a full-time stay at home mom who cooked fresh home-made meals every day, had a sparkling clean house, super easy and happy babies, and a great loving relationship with my husband.

After 4 years of almost weekly meltdowns and trying to convince myself that being a mother is more than enough, I knew something was missing and had to be changed for the better of her family but also for herself.

My personal experience of isolation and the feeling of unworthiness as a mother led me down this path to create a community for like-minded mothers to come together to support, connect and grow with one another all while being able to relate to one another.

Yes, being a mother is truly an amazing blessing but we need to remember that there isn't just one way of being a good mother. You CAN pursue your dreams and still be a good mother and that's what REAL Biz Moms is all about.
We are a community of mamas living our dreams together!

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