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From Doubt to Empowerment; The Birth of R.E.A.L. Biz Moms

Mom cooking dinner with daughter

Motherhood is a transformative journey, one that introduces us to unparalleled joy and challenges. When I became a mother, I was welcomed not just by my child's loving gaze but also by a host of societal expectations. Today, I want to share the genesis of a movement that emerged from my personal struggles and dreams: REAL Biz Moms. The 'Perfect Mother' Illusion:

When I first stepped into the shoes of motherhood, an invisible rulebook seemed to present itself to me. It whispered that a mother should act a certain way, that she should choose between her career or her child, and that her dreams should be set aside for the aspirations of her family. The desire to be that 'perfect mother' consumed me. But ironically, the more I tried to fit this mold, the more it chipped away at my happiness. Depression, resentment, and anger became frequent visitors.

Mom holding baby feeling alone

All the while, my husband was thriving. He was shaping his dream career, fostering deep connections in a loving community, and undergoing a transformative personal journey. Everyday, his growth was palpable, and while part of me envied him, another part was deeply inspired. If he could find this balance, why couldn't I?

Out of sheer desperation to know that I wasn't alone, I turned to the digital realm of Instagram. Through the lens of countless posts and stories, I realized my feelings were shared. So many mothers felt isolated, unappreciated, and misunderstood.

Seeking deeper connections, I created an online community that rapidly burgeoned with moms like me. Yet, a digital screen still felt like a barrier. The need for in-person connections, to see, hear, and feel the emotions of others was palpable. In my search for solace, I attended a local women's networking event, where I was embraced by powerful and ambitious women. But, amid the empowerment, a realization struck me - there were few mothers there. The narrative remained unchanged: mothers and ambitions seemed like parallel tracks, never meeting.

It was this void that became my calling. I took a leap and organized our very first networking event exclusively for moms. That evening, the room resonated with the shared sentiments of 30+ moms. The yearning to be seen, to be appreciated, to feel valued, and to be surrounded by understanding was universal.

Out of this surge of emotions and needs, REAL Biz Moms was birthed. At REAL, which stands for Recognized, Empowered, Authentic, and Loved, we are more than just a community. We are a beacon of hope and empowerment. A sanctuary where mothers from all walks of life come together to dream, learn, and grow on their own terms. We strive to instill an 'I can' spirit in every mom, equipping her with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and most importantly, the supportive sisterhood she deserves.

REAL Biz Moms Calgary community

The journey of REAL Biz Moms isn't just my story; it's the story of every mother who yearns to be seen, heard, and valued. We believe in the ripple effect: when we uplift one mother, we elevate families, businesses, and communities. Here's to creating a world where mothers are not just nurtured but empowered to nurture their dreams.

Because when we truly support mothers, we don't just uplift one woman. We elevate families, strengthen businesses, and deepen our community bonds. At REAL Biz Moms, we believe that when a mother thrives, the world shines brighter.

Meet the Author

Vivian Rajic, Founder of REAL Biz Moms

Vivian Rajic is the Founder and CEO of R.E.A.L. Biz Moms. Vivian is active in her community as a master connector and extremely passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, especially mothers. She is passionate about celebrating and advocating for mothers to prosper personally and professionally and committed to equality, fostering a network where diversity, innovation, recognition, mentorship is valued.

Vivian's mission is to build a community that supports moms in business in all seasons of their development.

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