Meet Brookelan Mundy

Our Member Spotlight is a blog feature where we take some time to learn more about REAL Biz Moms most important asset - our members.


Brookelan and her family were a new family and struggled to find a balance between family time and a social life. Like everyone they were told "it takes a village" but being a time of shut downs and masks, they wondered how they would ever find this village. They did the parent classes and she did a few mommy & me programs but the life of a family is tough and those relationships become hard to maintain having to make plans when you can't even remember the day of the week. So after much thought and feelings of isolation, loneliness, and a bit of craziness our founders took their current business knowledge & combined it with their love for planning social events to become Parents Village. Parents Village YYC is a parent support business that provides you with opportunities, tools, and resources to build your village and navigate parenthood as a community. We have built a community team that will begin hosting 36+ Member exclusive events through out the city in both the north and south, weekdays & weekends, during the day & in the evenings, starting June 1st 2022. We will be hosting one open house a month to give you a chance to come experience being apart of our amazing Village.


Have a personal growth plan set up - Read when you can, listen to podcasts or motivational speeches and have a group of like minded individuals to cheer you on and help you when your struggling. And just keep showing up! Your consistency will speak louder then any words or advertisement!


My business creates community much like this one but this amazing community connects me with a group of like minded women I can gain value from in both my personal and business life. It gives me a village that is cheering on the success of Parents Village.

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