Meet our Claresholm Facilitators

Thanks to our newest Branch Facilitators, Lauren Billey and Danielle Thompson, we are now able to offer our events and services to the mamas of Claresholm. Meet Lauren Billey Photographer, Digital Marketing Manager, and Multi Business Owner Lauren’s been a photographer for 11 years, and two years ago she opened up a studio collective downtown Claresholm, Alberta. As a business owner herself who meets with dozens of entrepreneurs weekly she saw the need for building a collective space where people can network and utilize to help grow their business and reach out to more people. “The Attic” is a 2600 sq ft building in downtown Claresholm with many services, products and a studio space that can be used to photos or events. Lauren is multi passionate and thrives off collaboration and working together! Meet Danielle Thompson Danielle is a mom of two medical miracles, a Disney lover, and a healer through and through. She is always teaching herself and evolving to better serve her purpose on this planet. Danielle finds her peace behind the steering wheel of a race car; as she drove on dirt tracks for over 8 years. Now a days, she finds peace in meditations and writing her own ones. Just as her hobbies are wide spread from Disney loving, Nascar, Reading, and going into the mountains - so is her professional trainings. Danielle is the owner of 2 businesses: - Beautiful Balance - Energetic Healing & Education - Danielle T - VA (Virtual Assistance) Both her businesses support the world of holistic health and wellness.

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