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Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone

Its January 2018, and two friends are enjoying a glass (ahem, bottle) of wine chatting about motherhood. You know - the staying up all night, worrying about how to handle the next stage, hoping we are making the right choices…

Only these moms have kids ready (or almost ready) to leave the nest and the reason we are staying up all night is that we are waiting (patiently) for our kids to come home :)

Although the conversation sounded eerily similar to when we had babies it was profoundly different because we found ourselves on the precipice of a “new” life.

A life where our kids didn’t need us like they used to, and a life where suddenly anything seemed possible.

And when you’ve dedicated 18 years to bringing up baby, suddenly this new life seems both daunting and enticing.

So, the wine-fuelled conversation turned to fulfilling OUR dreams, creating OUR new chapter, and just what we wanted that to look like while still being present for our family.

The blog world is filled with the most amazing mommy bloggers. These women inform, relate, and commiserate with moms who need a community and want support on their mothering journey.

As older moms, with older kids, we didn’t see ourselves in their images and quippy Instagram posts but admired their sense of community and passion. Brainstorming about the changes women go through as we age, we realized that there was a need for the voice of the over 40 women. So, after perhaps another glass (ahem, bottle) of vino, Mojo and Moxie was born!

We are Danielle (aka Danni) and Christine (aka Christine) and Mojo and Moxie has become our labor of love and our passion project to blog about all things for the older woman.

Mojo = Confidence, Charisma – a little magic in your treasure trove. Not something you feel at 20, or perhaps even 30. You need to grow into it, feel comfortable in your skin…be who you are, and own it. That is MOJO.

Moxie = Sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude. Some are born with it and they live it through every pore in their bodies, but most – most grow into it with age. Less concerned about the judging eyes of others, you are ready to show who you are, who you are meant to be. That is MOXIE.

*on a side note the Urban dictionary does have another definition of MOXIE as a “hot chick, or possibly a hoe” but let's just go with the above-noted definition… 🙂

We took the plunge, jumped off the proverbial cliff and entered the world of “blogging, and gramming,” and well, to be damn blunt, the world of putting it all out there!

When we started, our 5 teenage children between us were incredulous that we would even know what a blog was, and humiliated by our attempts for the perfect photo.

Our husbands gave us the, “go for it” pep talk but secretly, I think they ACTUALLY didn’t know what a blog was!

But here we are two years and 129 blog posts later. We are still having fun, still musing about life with teens and young adults, and most definitely learning a ton. We have created a community for women just like us.

We discuss perimenopause, menopause, kids leaving for uni, all things “teen”, mature marriage, sprinkled in hormone balancing recipes, and gift guides. We address a little fashion over 40, and fitness as we age.

Sure, we won’t have the most gorgeous aesthetic pictures (we try), but we have something to say, we have things to share.

Two years later, the question we get asked most often is “who is Mojo and who is Moxie?!”

Check out the blog, and you be the judge. :)

Instagram: @mojo_and_moxie_

Facebook: Mojo and Moxie

Twitter: @mojoandmoxie

Website: www.mojoandmoxie.ca

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